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      2The service life of the battery should also consider, in the whole street lamp system application, generally the battery warranty of three years or five years, but the general battery in one year or even half a year later will be in charge of discontent, some actual charge rate may fall to about 50%, it will affect the normal continuous rainy period of night lighting, so choose a good battery is especially important.

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        6 Far away from the city should also pay attention to anti-theft work, many engineering business because of construction negligence, did not carry out effective anti-theft, resulting in batteries, panels and other components stolen, not only affect the normal lighting, but also caused unnecessary property losses. At present, most of the stolen engineering cases are batteries and panels, batteries buried in the ground with cement pouring is an effective anti-theft measures, and can play a constant temperature role. Add battery box on the lamp pole will be welding reinforcement, in addition, if the battery is far from the controller, must be added with temperature sensing line, otherwise the controller can not detect the temperature of the battery, can not give the relevant temperature compensation. The pilfer of solar panel basically is as a result of lamp pole lower or there is clamber around lamp pole, so the height of lamp pole needs to be designed in 5 meters above.  

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